Accelerate Talent Acquisition with Hire Central

Welcome to Hire Central, the SaaS ATS that streamlines recruitment and saves you time. Hire Central helps you to optimize the hiring process and find the perfect candidates faster than ever before.

What problem does Hire Central solve?

Time-consuming information collection
Hire Central solves the problem of a time-consuming information collection by gathering all the candidates in one place automatically.
Hire Central solves the problem of communication breakdown between managers by recording all the progress and status of candidates, and assigning the candidate to the right person in the right time.
Dispersion of process and tools
CV screening, messaging, scheduling and assessment can all be done on Hire Central without the need for other tools.

All the Candidates in One Place

Time-consuming recruitment process

External Jobsite Connection

Application Widget

Clearly Organized and Assigned Tasks

Communication breakdown

Candidate List
Clearly show Candidate Detail,Centralized candidate database, interview set
Candidate Detail
Timeline, Status, Candidate info, Message is summarized

Easily Arrange Schedule and Send Message

Dispersion of information and tools

Schedule Adjustment


Why Hire Central?

Simple & Effective
Hire Central streamlines the recruitment process simply but strongly, saving recruiters time and cost while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
User-Friendly Interface
Hire Central's intuitive interface is easy to use and requires little to no training for you.
14-days Free to Use
Unlike other ATSs that charge per seat, Hire Central is offering you to use it for free for at least 14 days.

Est Rouge

Sayuri Tominaga
UXUI designer

Boosting Efficiency in Recruitment and Onboarding Processes: How Est Rouge Japan Successfully Built a High-Performing UX/UI Design Team with the Aid of Hire Central

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Return on Investment

Step 1 - Add Candidates

It all starts with adding candidates. You can either upload candidates manually or automatically via Job sites. Besides, you can use the application form or widget to embed into your corporate career site to reach more candidates.

Step 2 - Allocate Candidates

Once you have added candidates, assign them to your team member - Hire Central allows you to view candidates as a single task and manage your recruitment as if you were driving a to-do list.

Step 3 - Handle Candidates

Now it is time to handle your allocated candidate. You can do many things with the candidates such as checking CV, Sending message to candidate, adjusting interview schedule, assessing candidate, checking the hiring progress, putting comments and so on!